Graphics cards have the biggest influence on computer performance,
and the most important companies were described: 3Dlabs, ATI, Matrox, nVidia and others.
Graphics cards from different generations were tested with 2D/3D benchmarks to show progress in performance.
Also was shown influence of cpu strenght and optimised drivers on results.
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2D and 3D performace of graphics cards from different generations.

GPU - Benchmarked cards
2D - Winbench 99 - CrystalMark09
3D1 - 3DMark 2000 - 3DMark 2001
3D2 - Aquamark - 3Dmark 2003
3D3 - 3Dmark 2005 - 3Dmark 2006

How to improve (faster, cooler, silent) work of graphics cards.

CPU - Influence of CPU on performance
Drivers - Optimised drivers
Overclocking - Hardware tunning
Calculator - Power consumption of VGA
Fixing - Changing or fixing graphics coolers

Gallery - Images of Matrox graphics cards in high resolution.

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